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Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry

Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ PP5,717 Description & Overview An upright, heavily branched tree, the Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry provides four season interest with its showy flowers, edible fruits, fall color and bark. A great choice for spaces requiring a smaller stature plant. Often available as a single […]

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Running Serviceberry

Running Serviceberry Amelanchier stolonifera Description & Overview Running Serviceberry is a low-maintenance and adaptable shrub that’s great for natural areas and native gardens. Fruits are a boon to wildlife and people alike. With its upright spreading habit, showy blooms and vibrant fall color, this is a Wisconsin native that provides […]

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Apple Serviceberry

Apple Serviceberry is a Wisconsin native, early-blooming small tree with pink buds and white flowers. Pink to red berries ripen to resemble small blueberries and are quickly eaten by the birds. Brilliant fall color ranging from yellow to red.

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Regent Saskatoon Serviceberry

Regent Saskatoon Serviceberry has a compact, upright mounded form that explodes with large white flowers in spring. Extra sweet, deep purple fruit, beloved by songbirds, appears once blooms are complete. Regent Saskatoon Serviceberry has gray-green foliage that changes from yellow to red in autumn, providing a pop of color when all else has faded.

Urban Trees: Narrow Space Savers

Urban Trees: Narrow Space Savers | Small – UNDER 15’ TALL Urban Trees: Narrow Space Savers A common theme we see in landscapes today are small spaces in need of vertical accents and urban trees. Whether you have a limiting lot size or an existing bed with a hole you […]

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Landscape Compatibility Test

Landscape Compatibility Test I was shopping at a Trader Joe’s recently for some groceries. I say groceries, but I really mean affordable bottles of wine. While checking out, the cashier asked to see my ID (haven’t been under 21 in a long time so I’ll take that as a compliment […]

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Delicious Landscapes

Delicious Landscapes We are in the age of sustainability. We buy energy-saving light bulbs and hybrid cars. I will furiously rummage through the office trash to retrieve an aluminum can that didn’t make it into the correct recycling bin. We want our ribeyes to be grass-fed, our eggs to be […]

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Phenology The calendar says that spring is officially here, but it doesn’t really look like it yet. Today’s tip touches on a branch of science called phenology, meaning when climatic conditions correlate with plant and animal behaviors. Some say spring has arrived when you spy a robin. I say it […]

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Common Hackberry

Common Hackberry Celtis occidentalis Description & Overview Common Hackberry is a large, Wisconsin native shade tree with a vase shape canopy. It tolerates tough sites and excels in urban plantings. Hackberry has characteristic wart-like bark and dark-red to purple fruits, lending itself well to bird-centric landscapes. Core Characteristics Wisconsin Native: […]

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Red Oak

Red Oak Quercus rubra Description & Overview A monarch of our climax forests in Wisconsin! Red Oak shines as a specimen tree with its brilliant red fall color and deep green leaves in summer. It is the fastest growing native oak in Wisconsin and its silvery smooth bark provides excellent […]

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Wisconsin Natives

Wisconsin Natives At Johnson’s Nursery, we love our native plants. They fill unique roles in our landscapes, are adapted to our soils and climate, and have co-evolved with our other Wisconsin native species to create the mosaic of diversity that is Wisconsin. In addition to their special use by wildlife, […]

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Princeton Elm

Princeton Elm Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’ Description & Overview Princeton Elm is an American Elm selected for its vigorous, upright symmetrical habit. Its large, dark green foliage forms a dense canopy turning yellow in fall. Tolerant of urban conditions and highly resistant to Dutch elm disease, Princeton Elm is an excellent […]

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Understanding Nursery Stock Shapes

Understanding Nursery Stock Shapes – single stem Understanding Nursery Stock Shapes Some species can be found naturally in various shapes and forms. And over the past several decades, consumer demand has affected nursery stock shapes creating additional shapes. Customers want the perfect plant, in the right size, color, shape, and […]

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Sweet Fern

Sweet Fern Comptonia peregrina Description & Overview Sweet Fern, despite its name is not actually a fern (or a perennial). Sweet Fern is a Wisconsin native shrub with aromatically pleasing foliage, especially when its leaves are crushed; this poses a great investment for wildlife and landscape use. Great for slopes […]

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Hillside Black Beauty Snakeroot

Hillside Black Beauty Snakeroot Actaea simplex ‘Hillside Black Beauty’ Description & Overview This dark, lustrous shade-tolerant native cultivar is a great addition to a partial or full shade garden. As almost-black leaved plants are more reveled at, let drought-tolerant Hillside Black Beauty speak for itself. Its clump-forming habit allows for […]

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Trautman Juniper

Trautman Juniper Juniperus chinensis ‘Trautman’ Description & Overview Trautman Juniper is one of our favorite Juniper selections. Selected by the late Herbert Trautman for its compact size and coarse texture, this evergreen is a great choice for tough sites or those with space restrictions. Berry-like cones in fall add winter […]

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Top Selling Plants [2021 Update]

The top-selling plants of 2021 include a list of those most used plants by our customers including municipalities, land managers, and private homeowners. This is a fun insight into the most planted trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and fruit trees in 2021.An amazing realization is that people are choosing Wisconsin native […]

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American Plum

American Plum Prunus americana Description & Overview American Plum is a Wisconsin native, large scale shrub or small scale tree that can be grown as a single stem or suckering into a shrubby colony. It’s adaptable to a wide variety of soil and climate conditions, and it produces small white […]

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Bird Garden in Wisconsin

Build a Bird Garden in Wisconsin How to Build a Bird Garden in Wisconsin no-repeat;center top;;auto0px Build a Bird Garden in WisconsinWatching backyard birds is relaxing, entertaining, and educational. Seeing a bright red cardinal in the middle of winter is uplifting. A visit from a ruby-throated hummingbird outside the breakfast […]

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Black Cherry

Black Cherry Prunus serotina Description & Overview Black Cherry is a medium-to-large sized deciduous tree that is native to much of eastern North American, Mexico, and Central America. It typically occurs in both lowland and upland woods and along streams. It is noted for its fragrant white flowers, attractive glossy […]

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Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn Crataegus crus-galli var. inermis Description & Overview This Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn is a deciduous tree that features a stunning, umbrella-shaped growth habit, spring flowers, fall fruit, and brilliant orange fall color. It’s incredibly versatile in most landscape styles. This is a naturally occurring variety of Cockspur Hawthorn […]

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Cockspur Hawthorn

Cockspur Hawthorn Crataegus crus-galli Description & Overview Cockspur Hawthorn is a deciduous tree that features a stunning, umbrella-shaped growth habit, spring flowers, fall fruit, and brilliant orange fall color. It’s incredibly versatile in most landscape styles. This tree has large sharp thorns. It’s best to avoid planting in areas where […]

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Dwarf Bushhoneysuckle

Dwarf Bushhoneysuckle Diervilla lonicera Description & Overview Dwarf Bushhoneysuckle is a Wisconsin native landscape plant noted for its shrubby form, spreading habit, yellow trumpet-shaped flowers, and brilliant fall color. New foliage emerges in unusual tints of coppery green and bronze. The growth of new stems appears with a crimson tint. […]

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How to Choose A Tree

How to Choose a Tree A surprising number of people walk into our retail store and ask, “Do you sell trees?” or “Do you have any shade trees?” or “Do you have any ornamental trees?” We all smile and say yes; after all, trees are kind of our thing, and […]

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Cucumbertree Magnolia

Cucumbertree Magnolia Magnolia acuminata Description & Overview Cucumbertree Magnolia is a large, cold-hardy, fast-growing shade tree native to a large area of the United States and Ontario, Canada. This majestic tree has a tall, broad, symmetrical pyramidal growth habit and is perfect for a park or large open area. Cucumbertree […]

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Wisconsin Red™ Musclewood

Wisconsin Red™ Musclewood Carpinus caroliniana ‘Wisconsin Red™’ Description & Overview A Johnson’s Nursery origination; J.N. Plant Selections introduction, the Wisconsin Red™ Musclewood is a fantastic small-scale tree with a dense canopy! Improved fall color on our Wisconsin strain is reliably orange-red. Its leaf and bark characteristics resemble a small beech […]

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Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar is a Wisconsin native conifer with a dense columnar to pyramidal shape and fragrant grayish-green to bluish-green foliage. Excellent for roadside plantings as they handle heat, dryness, and road salt. The female Eastern Red Cedar produces small silvery-blue berries that songbirds and wildlife covet, particularly Cedar Waxwings.