Aaron Jambura

Starting Position: Nursery Field Labor
Current Position: Jackson Farm Production Manager (Senior Leadership Team)

After graduating from Slinger High School, Aaron attended UW-Madison and earned a BS-Horticulture. His work in several plant breeding laboratories and a summer plant propagation job during college solidified his passion for growing plants. After graduation, he sought out Johnson’s Nursery after recommendation by UW Professor Dr. Ed Hasselkus in 2001.

Aaron started out his career digging trees, pruning and shearing plants and learning how to produce high quality plant material. As he learned more about the company, he started managing the harvest of all of Johnson’s field grown plants. Today, Aaron coordinates the planting, maintenance, inventory, and harvest of hundreds of thousands of plants at the 500 acre Jackson, WI production facility. He is also part of the senior leadership team at Johnson’s.

What do you like most about working at Johnson's Nursery?
"I love that my office is outside and I get to do a job that I have a passion for. The culture here is awesome and I consider almost all of my coworkers as friends. There’s no better satisfaction than growing a beautiful, mature plant or completing a large task and being able to stand back and say 'We did this!'"

Why would you recommend someone work here?
Johnson’s Nursery is truly an excellent collection of great people. Everyone is very dedicated to the success of the team and is willing to teach you anything you need to know to be successful as well.

Personal Brief
When he’s not at work, Aaron keeps busy with many hobbies. In early spring, he taps about 100 maple trees and crafts some excellent maple syrup. Late spring and summer is gardening time. Aaron always grows way more than he can use and loves canning his produce or sharing his excess with friends. Fall and winter give him time to do some hunting and ice fishing. He loves doing all of these activities and more with his two daughters, Cadence and Paige. Aaron is also very active with the Washington County Fair and is a board member on the Washington County Agricultural and Industrial Society.