September 19, 2010
green mountain boxwood buxus ftimg

Green Mountain Boxwood

Green Mountain Boxwood Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’ Description & Overview Green Mountain Boxwood has a pyramidal form that is a cross between English (B. sempervirens) and Korean (B. microphylla) species. The Korean parentage makes Green Mountain very cold-tolerant. Unless they are planted on a very windy site or are at […]
February 10, 2000
berri-magic royalty winterberry ilex x meservae berri-magic royalty ftimg

Berri-Magic Royalty Holly

Berri-Magic Royalty Holly does double-time with both a male and female plant in the same container, assuring cross-pollination. Bright red berries will abound in fall, set against a backdrop of blue-green foliage and purple stems. Berri-Magic Royalty Holly is dense, making great hedges or screens, or can standalone as a specimen.
February 4, 2000
green mound boxwood buxus x green mound ftimg

Green Mound Boxwood

Green Mound Boxwood is a cold-hardy broadleaf evergreen with a spherical habit and dense branching. Bright green foliage bronzes slightly in winter making excellent accent cuttings in floral arrangements. Green Mound Boxwood is ideal for low hedges or borders along pathways.