February 27, 2011
technito arborvitae thuja occidentalis bail john ftimg

Technito® Arborvitae

Technito Arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis ‘Bail John’ PP 15,850 is a Johnson's Nursery introduction plant. Technito® Arborvitae is ideal for screening or as a windbreak.
February 6, 2011
star power juniper juniperus jn select blue johnson's nursery deer proof prickly evergreen ftimg

Star Power™ Juniper

Star Power™ Juniper is a Johnson's Nursery conifer with fast-growing and urban approved qualities. Star Power™ has blue-green, star-like prickly foliage and dense branching that holds it shapes well.
December 4, 2010
oldfield common juniper juniperus communis var depressa wisconsin native evergreen ftimg

Oldfield Common Juniper

Oldfield Common Juniper is a Wisconsin native, low-growing evergreen typically used in restoration or slope stabilization plantings.
October 6, 2010
dawn redwood metasequoia glyptostroboides ftimg

Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides Description & Overview Dawn Redwood is a deciduous, coniferous tree that has an upright, pyramidal form slowly reaching heights of up to 100 feet. New foliage emerges light green in spring and turns into an appealing red-bronze color in fall. This conifer is deciduous, meaning it […]
September 27, 2010
taylor juniper juniperus virginiana columnar conifer evergreens ftimg

Taylor Juniper

Taylor Juniper is a tall, but very thin, upright-growing columnar conifer commonly used for privacy screens, framing entrances, anchoring the corners of buildings, or as accents in landscape beds. This plant will reach heights of 25 feet tall but with a narrow width of only 2-3 feet. Beautiful, silver-green foliage and a refined, narrow form add elegance to the landscape. It is similar in style to that of Italian Cypress but more dense and able to withstand cold Wisconsin winters.
August 5, 2010
tamarack larix laricina eastern larch american larch hackmatack ftimg


Tamarack (Larix laricina) is a large Wisconsin native deciduous conifer. Unlike most evergreens, Tamarack loses it needles each winter. Great for wet sites.
May 3, 2010
emerald arborvitae thuja occidentalis smaragd ftimg

Emerald Arborvitae

Emerald Arborvitae is an iconic, versatile plant in the landscape with its compact, narrow to pyramidal form. Flat sprays of lustrous green foliage retain their color in colder winter months, adding four-season interest. Growing to heights of 20 to 25 feet with a spread of about 3 to 5 feet, and boasting low maintenance and adaptability, Emerald Arborvitae is a popular and reliable choice for most locations.
May 3, 2010
green giant western arborvitae thuja plicata standishii ftimg

Green Giant Western Arborvitae

Green Giant is a fast-growing evergreen with a naturally pyramidal to conical form. Flaunting dense and rich green sprays of foliage that bronze slightly in the winter, trees may grow to 40 to 60 feet tall with a spread between 12 and 20 feet. Small, light-brown seed cones will develop in mid-summer and are concentrated toward the top of the tree. Green Giant is a hybrid of the North American native Thuja plicata and the Thuja standishii (native to Southern Japan), taking the best features of each to create a more disease-resistant, narrow, and pyramidal Arborvitae.
April 27, 2010
trautman juniper juniperus chinensis wisconsin conifer evergreens ftimg

Trautman Juniper

Trautman Juniper (or Trautman Chinese Juniper) is a compact-sized, coarse-textured evergreen with berry-like cones. Trautman Juniper matures to 12' tall and makes an excellent privacy screen.
March 5, 2010
canadian hemlock tsuga canadensis eastern hemlock hemlock spruce evergreen ftimg

Canadian Hemlock

Native to Wisconsin, Canadian Hemlock is an elegant tree with delicate, small cones that resemble lanterns. Tolerant of heavy shade, Canadian Hemlock is a perfect evergreen for those darker areas of the landscape.
March 3, 2010
eastern white pine pinus strobus at johnson's nursery wisconsin native evergreens ftimg

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is a Wisconsin native evergreen, with long, soft needles. Preferring full sun, Eastern White Pine grows very large and has tremendous wildlife value to native species.
February 16, 2010
northern white cedar thuja occidentalis ftimg

Northern White Cedar

Northern White Cedar is a Wisconsin native conifer with a tall and slender form and flattened yellowish-green scale-like leaves. Furrowed bark is reddish-brown to gray. Northern White Cedar is a good choice for screening in moist to low-growing areas.
February 15, 2010
jack pine pinus banksiana ftimg

Jack Pine

Jack Pine is a Wisconsin native conifer noted for its short, stiff, olive green needles and curved cones. Somewhat shrubby and flat-topped in appearance, Jack Pine is a medium-grower getting as large as 50 feet tall. Very cold tolerant, Jack Pine are nesting sites for the endangered Kirtland Warbler.
February 14, 2010
everlow yew taxus x media everlow ftimg

Everlow Yew

Everlow Yew is a slow-growing, low-maintenance, low-spreading landscape conifer hardy to the Midwest with beautiful dark green foliage. A versatile option, Everlow Yew can be planted in full sun or full shade!
February 14, 2010
hicks yew taxus media hicksii find evergreens johnson's nursery wisconsin ftimg

Hicks Yew

Hicks Yew Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’ Description & Overview Hicks yew has a very narrow vertical form and works well for hedges, topiary forms, or any place where a columnar evergreen would be desired due to space requirements. Like all yews, it grows well in sun or shade. Very long […]
February 11, 2010
juniperus virginiana eastern redcedar wisconsin native evergreen conifer ftimg

Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar is a Wisconsin native conifer with a dense columnar to pyramidal shape and fragrant grayish-green to bluish-green foliage. Excellent for roadside plantings as they handle heat, dryness, and road salt. The female Eastern Red Cedar produces small silvery-blue berries that songbirds and wildlife covet, particularly Cedar Waxwings.
February 3, 2010
pusch dwarf norway spruce picea abies ftimg

Pusch Dwarf Norway Spruce

Pusch Dwarf Norway Spruce is a small, slow-growing evergreen that works as a creative accent addition to rock, Zen, and contemporary gardens.
February 2, 2010
white fir abies concolor field grown B&B green screen trees ftimg

White Fir

White Fir is an outstanding handsome, large evergreen with distinctive soft, blue-green needles.
January 31, 2010
white spruce picea glauca specimen conifer evergreen ftimg

White Spruce

White Spruce is a classic Wisconsin native evergreen, noted for its adaptability and hardiness to extreme temperatures. Beneficial for local wildlife, White Spruce is a great addition to any landscape.
January 31, 2010
norway spruce picea abies ftimg

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce is one of the most recognizable spruces in Wisconsin with its distinctive cones and dark green color. Available in many different cultivars, finding a Norway Spruce to fit the landscape is easy!
January 14, 2010
emerald spreader yew taxus cuspidata monloo ftimg

Emerald Spreader® Yew

Emerald Spreader® Yew Taxus cuspidata ‘Monloo’ Description & Overview Emerald Spreader® Yew is a low-maintenance Japanese yew that is noted for its short, wide, emerald green needles that are very bright in color. The low spreading stature and extreme density of this plant makes it useful for small areas where […]
April 26, 2000
picea glauca 'jn select' midway white spruce ftimg

Midway White Spruce

An intermediate-sized spruce, somewhere between an Alberta Spruce and a Black Hills Spruce, Midway White Spruce is dense and sturdy, and significantly more burn resistant than other spruce. Useful in smaller residential landscapes where a full-size spruce would be too large, Midway White Spruce has great urban tolerance and spider mite resistance. A naturally dense habit that doesn't require shearing.
April 26, 2000
american dark green arborvitae thuja occidentalis nigra ftimg

American Dark Green Arborvitae

Native to Wisconsin, American Dark Green Arborvitae is a dense, columnar to broad pyramidal evergreen, with soft-textured foliage. Requiring little maintenance, American Dark Green Arborvitae look wonderful as a foundation planting, privacy screen, or as an accent or specimen.
February 17, 2000
creeping juniper juniperus horizontalis ftimg

Creeping Juniper

Creeping Juniper is a Wisconsin native evergreen, sprawling in form and adaptable to a range of conditions. Green to blue-green scale-like needles are tinged with a unique purple tone in winter. Creeping Juniper is an excellent groundcover or when used along rock walls and slopes for erosion control.
February 16, 2000
canadian yew taxus canadensis ftimg

Canadian Yew

Canadian Yew is a sprawling Wisconsin native evergreen with flat, narrow, dark green needles. At home in part shade areas, they prefer moist conditions and are solid options for stabilizing soils along streams, ponds, bogs, or as a groundcover.
February 15, 2000
red pine pinus resinosa ftimg

Red Pine

Red Pine is a Wisconsin native conifer with a conical shape and oval to rounded crown. Named for its reddish cinnamon-colored bark, Red Pine has yellow-green to dark green soft yet brittle needles. Cones mature to a dark chestnut brown in the second year of growth. Red Pine provides nesting sites for eagles and other birds, as well as seeds for sustenance.
February 8, 2000
kings gold falsecypress chamaecyparis pisifera kings gold ftimg

Kings Gold Falsecypress

Kings Gold Falsecypress has unique arching threadlike stems that grow into a graceful mound of golden foliage. Bringing rich color, Kings Gold Falsecypress is excellent as a foundation plant, accent, or as a stand-alone specimen. Its gold color persists through summer when other varieties turn greenish.
February 8, 2000
golden mop falsecypress chamaecyparis pisifier golden mop ftimg

Golden Mop Falsecypress

Golden Mop Falsecypress is a low-growing delightful evergreen with bright, golden, thread-like foliage. Soft and fluffy, Golden Mop Falsecypress looks magnificent combined with taller perennials or as a border to soften edges.
February 8, 2000
threadleaf falsecypress chamaecyparis pisifera filifera ftimg

Threadleaf Falsecypress

Threadleaf Falsecypress has long, finely textured green foliage on pendulous branches. Globular in shape and bringing a softness to the garden, Threadleaf Falsecypress is an excellent specimen tree or a backdrop for other rough-textured perennials.
February 8, 2000
thoweil hinoki cypress chamaecyparis obtusa thoweil ftimg

Thoweil Hinoki Cypress

Thoweil Hinoki Cypress is a uniquely playful conifer with deep green foliage that seems to undulate. Slower growing, Thoweil Hinoki Cypress is perfect for spaces needing a smaller vertical accent.
February 8, 2000
dwarf gracilis hinoki cypress chamaecyparis obtusa nana gracilis ftimg

Dwarf Gracilis Hinoki Cypress

Dwarf Gracilis Hinoki Cypress is a popular small-sized conifer that maxes out around 6' tall. With beautiful dense and rich green foliage, Dwarf Gracilis Hinoki Cypress is wonderful as a specimen or nestled amongst other perennials.
February 8, 2000
jade waves fernspray falsecypress chamaecyparis obtusa monyur ftimg

Jade Waves Fernspray Falsecypress

Jade Waves Fernspray Falsecypress is a unique smaller-sized conifer with a handsome pyramidal form featuring curved branches holding sprays of soft green foliage. An elegant accent providing vertical height in the landscape, Jade Waves Fernspray Falsecypress is lovely on its own or as a screen.
February 8, 2000
weeping falsecypress chamaecyparis nootkatensis pendula ftimg

Weeping Falsecypress

Weeping Falsecypress is a stately tree with sweeping branches and pendulous branchlets that create a graceful curtain of deep green foliage. An elegant specimen tree with a distinctive form, Weeping Falsecypress is impressive in any landscape.
January 4, 2000
black spruce picea mariana ftimg

Black Spruce

Black Spruce is a native to Wisconsin evergreen with a conical and narrow shape, short needles, and small, egg-shaped cones. Twigs, leaves, and seeds provide food for wildlife. Cones are produced at approximately 15 years of age and ripen in September.
January 3, 2000
balsam fir abies balsamea ftimg

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir is a tall-growing coniferous tree native to Wisconsin. Widely known as a Christmas tree with fragrant, long-lasting needles, this gorgeous fir makes a wonderful specimen tree with cones that sit upright on its branches. Balsam Fir is a commanding focal point in any landscape.