September 20, 2009
lapins sweet cherry prunus avium ftimg

Lapins Sweet Cherry

Lapins Sweet Cherry Prunus avium ‘Lapins’ Description & Overview If you’re looking to add a fruiting cherry tree to your home orchard, food forest, or permaculture garden, Lapins Sweet Cherry is an easy-growing and great choice. Large delicious sweet and crisp mahogany-colored fruits are wonderful for fresh eating, baking, or […]
August 20, 2009
montmorency cherry prunus cerasus ftimg1

Montmorency Cherry

Montmorency Cherry Prunus cerasus ‘Montmorency’ Description & Overview Montmorency is an old tart cherry variety that originated in Europe (supposedly France) and was brought to the U.S. in the 19th century. It has become the #1 tart cherry variety commercially grown in the U.S. and Canada. Noted for its very […]
August 19, 2009
evans bali cherry prunus cerasus ftimg

Evans Bali Cherry

Evans Bali Cherry Prunus cerasus ‘Evans’ Description & Overview Evans cherry, Bali cherry and sometimes referred to as Evans/Bali cherry. All 3 names refer to the same variety. A very hardy tart cherry that is excellent for pies, jams and cobblers. Originated in Canada near Edmonton Alberta. Thrives in very […]
May 20, 2009
north star cherry prunus cerasus ftimg

North Star Cherry

North Star Cherry Prunus cerasus ‘North Star’ Description & Overview North Star Cherry is a dwarf tart cherry introduced by the University of MN in 1950. This selection grows 8′-10′ tall on average. It is a ‘Morello type’ so has very dark red flesh and a nice strong cherry flavor. […]
February 20, 2009
mesabi cherry prunus ftimg

Mesabi Cherry

Mesabi Cherry Prunus x ‘Mesabi’ Description & Overview A large fruited tart cherry variety that bears deep red cherries with a yellow flesh. Grows very well in the upper mid-west where tart cherries do best. Core Characteristics Wisconsin Native: No USDA Hardiness Zone: to zone 4 Mature Height: 12 feet […]