February 5, 2010
american plum prunus americana wisconsin native shrub tree johnson's nursery ftimg

American Plum

American Plum Prunus americana Description & Overview American Plum is a Wisconsin native, large scale shrub or small scale tree that can be grown as a single stem or suckering into a shrubby colony. It’s adaptable to a wide variety of soil and climate conditions, and it produces small white […]
September 20, 2009
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Mount Royal Plum

Mount Royal Plum Prunus domestica ‘Mount Royal’ Description & Overview Mount Royal Plum is an heirloom plum variety that is extremely cold hardy. It is a European type prune plum that produces small to medium fruits that have blue skin, sweet yellow/green flesh and are round in shape. Unique as […]
March 25, 2009
la crescent plum pruning ftimg

La Crescent Plum

La Crescent Plum Prunus ‘La Crescent’ Description & Overview La Crescent is a Japanese x american hybrid plum that is round, has golden flesh and is sweet. The fruit sometimes has a pink blush on the skin when fully ripe. Core Characteristics Wisconsin Native: No USDA Hardiness Zone: to zone […]
March 21, 2009
black ice plum prunus lydecker ftimg

Black Ice® Plum

Black Ice® Plum Prunus ‘Lydecker’ PP16,621 Description & Overview Black Ice® plum produces large round black fruits that ripen in early August in Wisconsin. The fruit is sweet, juicy and semi-cling. This plum was derived from a complex cross of Western Sand Cherry (Prunus besseyi) with Japanese plum genetics. The […]
February 7, 2000
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Italian Plum

Italian Plum is a treat not often found in supermarkets, wonderful for baking and fresh eating. An abundance of white blossoms is followed by a late-summer crop of juicy and sweet purple-blue plums. Italian Plum is self-pollinating and does not require another variety to produce fruit.