December 4, 2010
oldfield common juniper juniperus communis var depressa wisconsin native evergreen ftimg

Oldfield Common Juniper

Oldfield Common Juniper Juniperus communis var. depressa Description & Overview Oldfield Common Juniper is a Wisconsin native groundcover evergreen. It’s a cold hardy, shrubby evergreen which inhabits the sandy hills of the Kettle Moraine and the clay bluffs along Lake Michigan. Ours are produced from locally collected seed. This plant […]
August 5, 2010
tamarack larix laricina eastern larch american larch hackmatack ftimg


Tamarack Larix laricina Description & Overview Tamarack is a Wisconsin native deciduous conifer. Unlike most evergreens and conifers, the Tamarack tree loses its needles each winter season. It possesses a narrow, open conical form with horizontal branching and drooping secondary branchlets. The soft, bright blue-green foliage turns a rich golden-yellow […]
March 5, 2010
canadian hemlock tsuga canadensis eastern hemlock hemlock spruce evergreen ftimg

Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Description & Overview Gracefully pyramidal in youth, Canadian Hemlock becomes pendulously pyramidal and open with age. Light yellow-green spring growth changes to a lustrous dark green, with small graceful cones held on the branches. Cooler, moister sites are best for this tree. May also be known […]
March 3, 2010
eastern white pine pinus strobus at johnson's nursery wisconsin native evergreens ftimg

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus Description & Overview One of our most beautiful native pines, Eastern White Pine is a gentle giant playing a large role in Wisconsin’s history. When planting in an appropriate site, this majestic evergreen will last for centuries. Many cultivars exist that allow this pine to […]
February 16, 2010
northern white cedar thuja occidentalis ftimg

Northern White Cedar

Northern White Cedar is a Wisconsin native conifer with a tall and slender form and flattened yellowish-green scale-like leaves. Furrowed bark is reddish-brown to gray. Northern White Cedar is a good choice for screening in moist to low-growing areas.
February 11, 2010
juniperus virginiana eastern redcedar wisconsin native evergreen conifer ftimg

Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar is a Wisconsin native conifer with a dense columnar to pyramidal shape and fragrant grayish-green to bluish-green foliage. Excellent for roadside plantings as they handle heat, dryness, and road salt. The female Eastern Red Cedar produces small silvery-blue berries that songbirds and wildlife covet, particularly Cedar Waxwings.
January 31, 2010
white spruce picea glauca specimen conifer evergreen ftimg

White Spruce

White Spruce Picea glauca Description & Overview White Spruce is a moderately fast growing native spruce with a broad, conical form. Its needles are an attractive blue-green, contrasting with its small, brown cones. This wide-ranging species is more tolerant of poorly drained and nutrient deficient sites than other spruces, but […]
February 17, 2000
creeping juniper juniperus horizontalis ftimg

Creeping Juniper

Creeping Juniper is a Wisconsin native evergreen, sprawling in form and adaptable to a range of conditions. Green to blue-green scale-like needles are tinged with a unique purple tone in winter. Creeping Juniper is an excellent groundcover or when used along rock walls and slopes for erosion control.
February 16, 2000
canadian yew taxus canadensis ftimg

Canadian Yew

Canadian Yew is a sprawling Wisconsin native evergreen with flat, narrow, dark green needles. At home in part shade areas, they prefer moist conditions and are solid options for stabilizing soils along streams, ponds, bogs, or as a groundcover.
February 15, 2000
red pine pinus resinosa ftimg

Red Pine

Red Pine is a Wisconsin native conifer with a conical shape and oval to rounded crown. Named for its reddish cinnamon-colored bark, Red Pine has yellow-green to dark green soft yet brittle needles. Cones mature to a dark chestnut brown in the second year of growth. Red Pine provides nesting sites for eagles and other birds, as well as seeds for sustenance.
February 15, 2000
jack pine pinus banksiana ftimg

Jack Pine

Jack Pine is a Wisconsin native conifer noted for its short, stiff, olive green needles and curved cones. Somewhat shrubby and flat-topped in appearance, Jack Pine is a medium-grower getting as large as 50 feet tall. Very cold tolerant, Jack Pine are nesting sites for the endangered Kirtland Warbler.