Beth DeLain

Starting Position: Retail Sales 2018
Current Position: Purchasing & Inventory Manager

Beth earned an Associates from UW-Waukesha in 2008 and a BS in Natural Resources Management in 2016 from The Ohio State University. She worked for a County Park System in Ohio, administering prescribed burns and removal of invasive species. She was a Wildlife Research Technician for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, conducting wildlife surveys, collecting biological samples, assisting with prescribed burns, banding & sexing migratory birds, and providing technical assistance with nuisance wildlife species.

She moved back to Wisconsin in March of 2018 to help care for her mother. Beth started in Retail Sales at Johnson’s, showing promise in managing complex orders. And by the end of 2018, she was promoted to Purchasing & Inventory Manager.

What do you like most about working at Johnson's Nursery?
“I enjoy having a strong role in fulfilling the customer’s order - mental gymnastics balancing ordering plants, scheduling deliveries, upkeep of plants, and unloading shipments.”

Why would you recommend someone work here?
“What joy it is to be around others that share the same enthusiasm about plants as you! I’m a firm believer in the use of native plants, better yet with local ecotypes, in our outdoor areas. Because Johnson’s specializes in native plant ecotypes, we can proudly grow and sell plants that will thrive in our landscapes.”

Personal Brief
She was born and raised in Waukesha. Plants > Most People. She has 4 cats. She has transformed her mother’s front lawn into a garden that is low-maintenance, while promoting pollinator-friendly, *mostly* native species, habitat, and colors that resonate with her.

When not working, she likes traveling but hates the planning. Beth enjoys camping, doing personal BioBlitz’s in the places she visits, and trying to find (and respect!) wildlife in their natural habitat, such as salamanders, birds, turtles, snakes, etc. She listens to a variety of True Crime Podcasts, claiming they are oddly relaxing and great to fall asleep to. She’s an introvert that enjoys being introverted.