Cody Wolters

Starting Position: High School, Yard Labor
Current Position: Yard Supervisor (Senior Leadership Team)

Cody started working at Johnson's Nursery as a Menomonee Falls high school student in 2005. His primary responsibilities were weeding, watering, and assisting anywhere he could. Earning more cash, getting great exercise, and working outside was important to Cody.

After high school, Cody went to the University of Whitewater to study Organizational Management. Still, Cody could work weekends and summers at the nursery to earn money to fund his extracurricular activities. After graduating with his Bachelor's degree, Cody was hired on full time to coordinate the yard and landscape crews.

Today, Cody is part of the senior leadership team and is the Yard and Landscape Supervisor, managing upwards of 25 people. Cody gets loads of sun working in the yard and lots of face time with arriving wholesale drivers, and retail and landscape clients when he's delivering. Cody manages all staff in the yard and works closely with Landscape Foremen to ensure that project deadlines are met and scheduled are adhered to. Cody often boasts about his crazy-elaborate calendar. Cody is active with a few community organizations on behalf of Johnson's Nursery, such as the Menomonee Falls Scholarship and Educational Fund.

What do you like most about working at Johnson's Nursery?
Cody most enjoys being active in his position (not being tethered to a desk). Cody is all over the yard all year.

Why would you recommend someone work here?
Cody recommends Johnson's Nursery because of his own "started from the bottom, now he's here" story. Johnson's Nursery is labor intensive and is often a demanding workplace, but like with any employer, hard work pays off. Entry-level employees can achieve greatness and get job security.

Personal Brief
When not working, Cody frequently goes camping, actively kayaks, plays in a weekly Volleyball league, and goes fishing. He is active with gun and bow hunting too, having taken trips to the wilderness of Colorado for Elk hunting and makes his annual voyage to the Wisconsin north woods. Cody is also an avid 5k and 10k runner.