Drift® Roses - Groundcover Roses Made Easy

The Drift® Groundcover Roses are a hybrid between groundcover roses, known for their disease resistance, winter hardiness, durability, and miniature semi-double roses. Under ideal conditions, you will see mid-spring blooms continuing until mid-fall. They are relatively low maintenance and are an excellent choice to brighten a sunny location.

The compact and low habit of Drift® Roses means they are well-suited to use as a border or mass planting. It can be combined with other shrubs and perennials of differing heights to create a layered effect. The profuse blooming habit is excellent for a cut flower garden.

Maintenance Tips

Drift® Rose should be pruned in early spring after the threat of frost has passed. If pruned in fall or winter, the hollow stems of roses can conduct cold air directly to the roots. This will increase the likelihood of winter damage and may result in plant death. Pruning should not be necessary until the plant is established in the landscape, typically 1 to 3 years after planting. Pruning too much too early will reduce vigor and increase the establishment period. Select one of the options above to go in depth on pruning.

Avoid using overhead irrigation during the summer. Excessive moisture on the foliage will increase the chance for foliar diseases to develop.


The series of Drift® Roses are resistant to many of the diseases that are prevalent on non-resistant roses. If especially stressed they may become susceptible to canker, powdery mildew, blight. It may also be attacked by bud borers, spider mites, leafcutters, or Japanese beetle. If insect and disease damage becomes problematic, you can use a rose-food product containing a systemic pesticide. However, disease problems can be exacerbated by over-fertilizing and you should be judicious in your use of systemic products.

Fertilizing with products that contain too much nitrogen will encourage vegetative growth and prevent blooming. If your rose is especially leggy and non-blooming, make sure your fertilizer is correctly formulated for roses and is not over applied.

Left: Red Drift® Rose | Middle: Coral Drift® Rose | Right: Peach Drift® Rose