Emily Peters

Starting Position: Propagation Intern
Current Position: Wholesale Sales Associate

Emily received a BA in Conservation and Environmental Science with an emphasis in Natural Resource Management from UW-Milwaukee. She began her career in the sustainability office at UW-Whitewater where she coordinated volunteer workdays at the nature preserve doing prairie seed collection. Emily then interned with the DNR on a State Natural areas crew where she monitored rare plants and managed invasive species. Most recently, she was a crew leader with Native Roots, leading restoration projects, conducting prescribed fires, and completing small-scale native landscaping projects.

Beginning at Johnson’s Nursery as a propagation intern, Emily’s love for native plants has grown exponentially, which made returning to Johnson’s Nursery after graduation an easy decision.

What do you like most about working at Johnson's Nursery?
"I really enjoy working with people who are enthusiastic about all types of plants. I believe in Johnson’s Nursery’s mission of supplying native plants to the general community, as well as to green industry professionals."

Why would you recommend someone work here?
“It’s hard work, but it’s good work. Being at Johnson’s Nursery has taught me so many different things because of all the skilled people working in their areas. I know that I will always be learning while working here.”

Personal Brief
“I’ve spent most of her life in the Waukesha county area, where I live in Milwaukee with my two cats and boyfriend. I love checking out the coffee shops, state natural areas, and house plant stores near me. I enjoy insect monitoring and learning about mushrooms. In the summer, I enjoy working on my native garden and fitting in as many native plants into my little yard as possible.”