Grow Agreements

Simplify Logistics

Why A Grow Agreement?

  • If you’ve ever been excited about a big project only to discover your initial vision and goals were diluted because your preferred plant material was not available in the quantities or sizes you wanted.
  • If you’ve ever had to answer to the financial department because the estimated costs of a project grew substantially by the time the planting was finished.
  • If you’ve ever had to spend inordinate amounts of time combing through offerings from different vendors on the front end, coordinating multiple partial load deliveries and cobbling together a desirable finished project with uneven plant quality (even in the same species).
  • Field and Container Grow Agreements available.

    Then Johnson’s Nursery grow agreement is for you. Lock in today’s pricing without worrying about unpredictable rising future costs. Be assured that the species, sizes and quantities you want are on hand to make your vision come to life. Available in both field grown plant stock and container grown trees. Most grow agreements are tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Therefore, we ask that you contact your wholesale salesperson for more information about:

    Minimum Crop Sizes

    Both field and container grow agreements have minimum order quantities, which differ based on field plant stock, and container sizes such as #1, #2 & #3, #5 & #5RM, #10 & #15, and #25 containers.


    Terms often include an initial down payment, prices locked in, and specialty terms based on order fulfillment details.

    Order Fulfillment

    Clients establish the target year for order fulfillment, including spring, summer, or fall, pick up or delivery.

    Lead Time

    Often species specific. Not all plants grow at the same rate/time. Our production staff will consider and advise on all non-standard crop requests.

    Notes & Conditions

    Grow agreements are tailored to each client to include notes about unforeseen circumstances including natural changes in growing conditions, crop failures, etc. Clients are invited to tour the growing fields to review their crops at any time.

    We encourage questions! Please contact Wholesale & Contractor Sales for complete details.