MENOMONEE FALLS—In an effort to maintain their lead in the increasingly competitive heavy-duty landscape tree market, Johnson’s Nursery unveiled Wednesday their new full-grown, urban approved, pollinator magnet, pest-free Infinity Oak™. “Wisconsinites have come to expect more plantness from their trees, so we’re happy to grow and supply the first indestructible tree with deer, rabbit, rodent, disease, pathogen and all other pest resistances,” said Propagator Ben French, adding that the efficiency-minded automated-growing innovators in the landscape plant segment, such as big box stores, had inspired Johnson’s Nursery to double down on their own traditional strengths and grow the Infinity Oak™ which grows to 20 feet tall and wide in 1-week, arrives in homeowners yards that size, never surpasses that height, and never dies per tree as standard. “We spared no expense in propagating this forever-living landscape specimen. No tree outside of the Native Bur Oak has more wildlife and restoration value, not to mention optional flower colors, flower sizes, and bloom times. Whether it’s the patent-corky bark on the new Infinity Oak™ Plus+™ or the optional multi-stem, Infinity Oak™ Magnum™ has something for everyone—even potential insects that our marketing department suspects may yet exist.” French concluded the press conference by noting that Infinity Oak™ would be the first deciduous tree available with optional flower buds bigger than the tree itself.