Johnson’s Nursery Originals; J.N. Plant Selections Introductions

Johnson’s Nursery is proud to have numerous nationally recognized plants that originated in our fields. You may be familiar with trees and shrubs touting the cultivar names of ‘J.N. Select’, ‘J.N. Upright’, or ‘J.N. Select A’. These are plants that originated at Johnson’s Nursery. Since the 1980’s, Johnson’s Nursery has gained a reputation as the originator of hardy new plants for the rugged Wisconsin climate.

Our former Propagator, Michael Yanny, sprouted an offshoot company in 2012 called J.N. Plant Selections, LLC. Michael’s company owns and handles the licensing, marketing and distribution of the Johnson’s Nursery originations. A close association between the two companies continues with the sharing of facilities and collaboration to develop and introduce exciting new hardy plants.