Rose Comparison Chart

The Rose Comparison Chart is a list of common shrub roses grown at Johnson's Nursery. Roses are versatile, smaller, ornamental shrubs used in landscapes, and vary in flower colors and shapes such as rugosa, shrub, low/mounding, and groundcover. Rose blooms vary between recurrent and everblooming. Everblooming indicates a plant which will produce a continual period of flowering. Recurrent bloom roses flower for 2-3 weeks, then take a 2-3 week rest without flowers, then repeat the bloom cycle again. Through the growing season, you can expect about 3 bloom cycles.

Shrub roses are easy to grow. Choose a location with a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight and a well drained soil. When watering, avoid getting the foliage wet, which can cause blighting of the leaves or black spot (both are leaf diseases).

Featured image: Rosa rugosa 'Belle Pointevine'

LinkColorVarietyTypeFlowerH'S'BloomHipsGlossy LeafFragrant
CoralCalypsoshrubapricot blend, double2'3'recurrentinsignificantx
CoralCoral Coveshruborange-pink blend2'3'everbloominginsignificantx
CoralCoral Drift®groundcovercoral-orange, double2'2'everbloominginsignificantx
CoralFlower Carpet® Coralgroundcovercoral-pink, single2'3'everbloominginsignificantx
PinkBelle Poitevinerugosamedium pink, semi-double4'4'recurrentorange-redx
PinkCarefree Delight™shrubpink/white eye, single3'5'everbloomingredxx
PinkCarefree Wonder™shrubhot pink, semi-double3'3'everbloomingred-orangex
PinkDwarf Pavementrugosalight pink, semi-double2'5'recurrentscarletx
PinkFlower Carpet® Ambergroundcoverorange-yellow to soft pink2’2’everbloominginsignificantxx
PinkFlower Carpet® Pink Supremegroundcoverdeep pink2’3’everbloominginsignificantx
PinkFrau Dagmar Hastruprugosasatin pink, single3'4'recurrentscarletx
PinkLittle Mischief Easy Elegance™shrubdeep pink, double2’3’everbloominginsignificantx
PinkNearly Wildshrubrose pink, single3'3'everbloominginsignificantx
PinkPeach Drift®groundcoversoft peach, semi-double2'2'everbloominginsignificantx
PinkPink Double Knock Out®shrubhot pink, double3’3’everbloomingorange-redx
PinkPink Knockout®shrubpink, single3’4’everbloominginsignificantx
PinkPurple Pavementrugosapurplish-red3’3’recurrentyellowxx
RedDouble Knock Out®shrubcherry red, double3’3’everbloominginsignificantx
RedFlower Carpet® Scarletgroundcoverscarlet red2’3’recurrentinsignificantx
RedKashmirshrubdark red, tea-like3’3’recurrentinsignificantx
RedKnockout®shrubcherry red, single3'3'everbloomingorange-redx
RedRed Drift®groundcoverred, petite, semi-double1'2'everbloominginsignificantx
RedScreaming Neon Red™shrubbright red, semi-double3'2'recurrentinsignificant
WhiteBlanc de Coubertrugosawhite, double6'5'recurrentredx
WhiteChampagne Wishesshrubsoft apricot, antique white3'3'recurrentinsignificant
WhiteMilwaukee’s Calatrava™shrubpure white, double4’3’everbloominginsignificantx
YellowCarefree Sunshine™shrublemon-yellow, single3’3’recurrentorangexx
YellowYellow Brick Roadshrublemon-yellow2'3'recurrentinsignificant

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Johnson's Nursery stocks several popular series, including - left to right - Knock Out®, Flower Carpet®, & Drift®

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