Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Officially, the calendar says March 20th is the Vernal Equinox and the first day of spring. But in Wisconsin, where a snowstorm might still be around the corner, I know that spring isn’t official until I see certain signs every year.

Sign #1 - Migrating birds start showing up at our feeders. The first sound of spring is when I hear the trill of a Redwing Blackbird and look out my window to see them joining the finches for lunch.

Sign #2 - Containers start coming out of storage and filling up our nursery holding yard. Once this happens, new shipments of plants aren’t far behind.

Sign #3 - I get an email from our harvest manager to get special orders of Serviceberries in the system because the buds are pushing open. Once that happens, we can’t dig them out of the ground again until fall.

Sign #4 - I start having dreams that are the horticultural equivalent of forgetting to study for a test. Dreams where my trees didn’t get harvested or I’m trying to finish a big landscape design.

Sign #5 - When the Iris reticulata are blooming, that is a colorful sign that I can cut down any ornamental grasses left up over winter.

Sign #6 - When the soundtrack of my life is the ringing and dinging of the phone as I get more calls and emails from customers every day, spring has officially arrived.