Star Power™ Juniper

Juniperus x ‘J.N. Select Blue’

Description & Overview

A Johnson’s Nursery origination; J.N. Plant Selections introduction, Star Power™ Juniper is the fastest-growing upright juniper we’ve evaluated in our fields, surpassing even Mountbatten! Its name comes from the blue-green, star-like juvenile foliage that gives the tree a delicate, almost sparkling texture. But don’t let its appearance fool you–this Juniper is a tough, hardy plant for many sites.

Core Characteristics

Mature Height: 17 feet
Mature Spread: 7-9 feet
Growth Rate: Fast
Growth Form: Upright, Broad
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Tolerant of many soils except poorly drained.
Flower: Dioecious, insignificant
Bloom Period: April-May
Foliage: Blue-Green
Fall Color: N/A-Evergreen
Fruit Notes: Blue pea-sized berry

Downloadable Content

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Suggested Uses:

Star Power™ Juniper is tolerant of pollution and drought, and resistant to deer browse. It excels as a screening plant where moisture is poor, salt spray is troublesome, or where protection and maintenance are difficult. It also makes a statement as a specimen conifer where there is enough room.

Salable #10 Containers. Pictures taken mid-July.

Salable Field Grown (B&B) Star Power™ Junipers

Wildlife Value:

The berries of Star Power™ Juniper provide food for more than 50 species of birds, including Cedar Waxwings and Cardinals. They are especially popular during the migration period and winter months. The dense canopy provides cover during the winter months.

Maintenance Tips:

Star Power™ Juniper requires no shearing to maintain its dense form and is best left to grow naturally. Like all junipers, it does not tolerate wet soils and should not be overwatered; however, to prevent winter burn make sure the tree is deeply watered once or twice in fall if there is little rainfall.

If observed, diseased branches should be removed with clean pruners at least 6-12 inches from the point of infection. Foliar diseases are often a result of poor siting with bad air flow or excessive overhead irrigation.


Star Power™ Juniper has no serious disease or insect issues. In general, junipers are sometimes affected by tip blights and rust diseases. These are best avoided by maintaining plant vigor with a healthy mulch ring and proper watering practices. Do not use any overhead irrigation as wet foliage is the first step toward diseased needles. When watering, take care that all moisture is directed into the soil rather than on the tree itself.

Leaf Lore:

Star Power™ Juniper was selected in 1998 by Mike Yanny at Johnson’s Nursery. It is suspected to be a hybrid between Juniper chinensis x Juniper communis. “Star Power” gets its name from its blue-green, star-like juvenile foliage which gives it a delicate, almost sparkling texture. It is the fastest growing upright Juniper we have evaluated at Johnson’s Nursery. When comparing five-year-old trees, Star Power™ Junipers are 6-7 feet tall compared to the 4-5 feet of Iowa, Ames, and Hook’s #6 junipers.

Companion Plants:

This Juniper should be paired with other drought tolerant species to avoid overwatering. Consider using Butterflyweed, St. John’s Wort, or Hairy Wild Petunia as low plants to add color during the growing season.

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johnson's nursery plant knowledgebase for the midwest tree logo popout 32x32
johnson's nursery plant knowledgebase for the midwest tree logo popout 32x32