Tree Installation for Municipalities

Johnson’s Nursery offers large and small scale street tree installations for municipalities around central, south, and eastern Wisconsin. Urban forests are increasingly being seen as important infrastructure that can help communities mitigate their environmental impacts. We also offer customizable Grow Agreements (cooperatively built growing plans for the future), which includes growing specific trees and plant installation services. These cooperative agreements will increase efficiencies and operative planning.

Municipalities may realize a more effective use of staff time when contracting with Johnson’s Nursery to install trees, allowing your crews to focus on other critical projects such as managing the Emerald Ash Borer crisis. As an industry expert in urban forestry programs, we understand the extraordinary time and effort required, as well as the issues including: funding for planting and long term maintenance, acceptance of trees by residents, and appropriate nursery supply. Centralize these efforts by contracting Johnson’s Nursery to grow and plant your trees, instead of relying on multiple public and private organizations.

Johnson’s Nursery has the experience and capabilities for large and small scale tree installations for municipalities. We work with many communities all over Wisconsin every year to install thousands of trees, and we can provide referenced upon request. For more information and to start planning, contact a Wholesale Sales representative.

Building a customizable plan, including, but not limited to:

  • One or two year warranty on the tree stock
  • Staking trees
  • Wire basket – left on, partly removed, completely removed
  • Tree mulch rings
  • Soil amendments
  • Subsequent watering
  • Deer protection

Other topics we review while planning:

  • Having planting sites condensed to quadrants within the city for crew efficiency
  • Having previous stumps ground to a depth of 20” or move new site 10’ from previous tree location
  • Informing residence that a new tree is going to be planted and having some literature on how to water the tree