We Plan-You Plant

Many people enjoy DIY – cut your beds, install your plants, and lay your mulch! But most people don’t know the correct plants, the proper design aesthetic, or the size that plants mature to. Our designers will create for you a design – at no cost – when you purchase your plants at Johnson’s Nursery with our We Plan – You Plant (WPYP) DIY services.

Start planning your DIY landscape projects today. We Plan – You Plant: DIY Landscape Design gives you the thrill of being hands-on with your yard.

WPYP is for smaller, single-section DIY projects. For larger, full yard, or Johnson’s Nursery installation projects, please visit our Landscape Design department.

We Plan – You Plant cannot be combined with other discounts, offers, or sales. Cannot be combined with our annual Native Plant Sale.

WPYP In 6 Steps

Step 1: Tools & Resources

Download the materials. Completing these documents is important for avoiding roadblocks while working in your yard. A camera, tape measure, and ruler are recommended tools.

Step 2: Some Paperwork

Complete the questionnaire to ensure that we are creating a plan to fit your needs. Complete a sketch of your site using the Graph Paper. Remember, 1 grid line = 1 foot. Please include all major obstacles such as utility lines, existing plants, and irrigation.

Step 3: Take Pictures

Now, head outside and photograph the area you just sketched. Cell phone pictures are OK. Be sure to include a variety of shots such as close-up and further away (50-100ft away). For example, if your site is your front yard, take some pictures from the road.

Step 4: Return Materials

Return the completed materials at your leisure. Ideally, your pictures should be placed on a flash drive. We can accommodate the major cloud storage drives (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox).

You may send your materials to WPYP@jniplants.com

Step 5: Receive Design & Plants

Your designer will contact you to discuss the plants and make any final edits to your design. The design will be provided at no cost after you purchase the plants, and is the road map to your project!

Step 6: Begin Planting

We set up a time for you to pick up your plants. We will have them prepared and can load them for you. With your landscape design in-hand and plants loaded, you’re ready to begin planting! We’re here for support and any questions that arise along the way.

A recent WPYP front yard renovation project.

Many people enjoy DIY – cut your beds, install your plants, and lay your mulch! But most people don’t know the correct plants, the proper design aesth…

We Plan – You Plant FAQ

Need help? Our designers are available for a site consult to get you started. There is a minimum, non-refundable fee of $150 per hour for this service. A site consultation is required if you decide to have us install plant material.

The ideal We Plan – You Plant project costs less than $2,000. If you’re anticipating spending more than $2,000, and need full-yard landscaping, hardscaping, or landscape lighting, please make an appointment with our Landscape Design department.

Depending on incoming volume in spring, anticipate between 2-4 weeks or longer. Ask our design staff for current lead time if scheduling is a factor.

We are flexible. WPYP landscape projects are meant for smaller, one-section projects. However, you may want to do multiple sections in stages.

Our WPYP designer will work with you to reach a plan that meets your needs. Adjustments to the plan are no problem!

The design plan is complimentary when you purchase your plants from Johnson’s Nursery. If you ultimately decide against purchasing plants, your designer will assess time spent on your project and bill accordingly.

Tips For Submitting Files & Pics

Please understand that you don’t need to be a computer expert. Feel free to stop in with your completed paperwork and pictures on a flash drive.

Please do not use your phone to take pictures of your completed forms and Graph Paper sketches. Compressing pictures may cause them to become unrecognizable and pixelated. We aim to keep WPYP fast and efficient for you.


  • Scan files to the computer
  • Submit them in person


  • Site pictures sent by email should be attachments, original size
  • Do not put photos in the body of an email
  • We welcome Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox
  • Or stop in with a flash drive


You may send your materials to WPYP@jniplants.com

If you’re unsure who or where to send your materials to electronically, please contact our Retail Sales Department at 262.252.4988 and ask to discuss your plan with our WPYP Designers.